Oct 21, 2012

Custom Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to finally give some awards to fellow bloggers. The wait has been quite long, and for me actually, because I've been wanting to give an award to some awesome bloggers for a long time, and who I feel definitely deserve an award a month. Okay, maybe not each month, but their talent and writings absolutely command some appreciation which should be shown in some better manner than 'OMG! You are so good. I am a fan' sort of exclamation. :P

So, here I am, trying to show my appreciation for the public service two of my fellow bloggers have been doing for months(years actually) now and happen to be amazing writers in their own different but equally wonderful styles. I'll elaborate on it later in the post. Let me talk about the awards first.

Oct 19, 2012

Rats to Ritches

The thing about rats, they say is ... they are just like rats. They live with you, they eat your food, they make tunnels all around you, they bring in their friends through those tunnels when you are unaware, to come in and eat your food some more, they dig the earth under your feet, they make your walls hollow, they keep doing this until you're broke and when the walls are about to collapse, they leave you and run. And all this while, mind this, they never reveal themselves.


Oct 17, 2012



I love it,
when the chill of the dawn
makes me curl up 
like a baby new born

I love it,
when golden rays at the sunrise
makes me rub my
skin and close my eyes