Mar 29, 2013

A Beautiful Afternoon

Sometimes, even the tiniest of things can make you happy. Things like waking up early morning and watching the sun rise, going on a walk all by yourself or with a friend you haven't met in a while, watching a baby cackle with joy, being out in the first rain after a long summer or smelling something which instantly brings back some of your most treasured memories. It could be thousands of things, all different and diverse and sometimes quite magically, the same.

They fill you up with joy, makes your heart pump a little more blood, and your lungs a little more oxygen. You feel elated and refreshed and confident. It makes you feel like you've always been so happy because in that instant you forget all the problems, tensions and difficulties you might have in your life and you just enjoy and live in the moment.

View from inside the mosque.
Something like this happened with me today and I was so happy that I didn't want it to go away before I captured it in something. So I decided to write about it. Yes, it's a bit surprising but I am actually writing this post about absolutely nothing. Yes, this post is just about one afternoon unusual afternoon of my life and if you feel already bored and stumbled here by mistake, I don't think it'll help you much.