May 10, 2017

Short Essay: #10 - Do women make better parents than men, as they mostly have a greater role in parenting; or are men just as good?

Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting.


Mothers have been the caregiver of almost all species for as long as life has existed. Naturally, one would say that mothers, that is females are better at being the major role player in bringing up the offspring.

Though natural reason holds its place, we can argue that humans' life and way of living is categorised in civilisations. Civilisations, by definition mean that greater number of factors and reasons are at play when we talk any activity that we can possibly talk about. One of those factors is the roles that women and men play in today's modern society.

Men are no longer the only meat-hunters, the bread-earners and the crop-growers in any of the major society in existence today. Similarly, women are no longer seen or limited to birthing and taking care of the babies and other household activities. Yes the boundaries still exist but those aren't the obvious roles men and women play in the household.

With changing of these roles, a change in how children are brought up has changed. Other factors like the recent acceptance and recognition given to homosexual couples have always contributed to how many families work. Men, in many developed nations are often the caregivers and play a major role in bringing up the children while women realise their career dreams.

Men who voluntary and actively take up the responsibility of taking care of children at home prove to be very good at it too. I personally know a person in my family who is a freelancer and works from home part time; has taken care of the children right from their birth as much as their mother have and it is a very happy family indeed.

While this is all good, and men do prove to be good at the job, it can also be seen and argued that children, specially in young age, gravitate towards their mother for emotional support more than their fathers. I believe it is a hard-wired relflex that is built in all children that they are comforted more with the presence of their mothers in most of the cases when a comparison is done.

So the flux of the arguments can be given in that while mother and fathers can both provide for and play a major role in bringing up the children, natural selection and primal instincts make children and mothers attached at a deeper level then children and fathers.


Written in 26 minutes without much editing.

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