May 5, 2017

Short Essay: #5 - Is humour different for men and women? Why?

'Humour is a very serious business', someone said once. It indeed is. Humour can cover such large range of topics and understandings that not only is it extremely difficult to classify it into clean big groups, it almost always transcends many boundaries when compared to other human emotions.

Having said that though, if we are talking about comparing general humour for men and women and the disparities in it, we can probably think of a thing or two.
It's all related to how minds of men and women work. How both the genders generally think and what affects and matters more to each of the sexes. Men generally approach subjects with less emotion than women, and women on the other hand are nicer and caring in general. This leads to differences in how a situation is perceived by each one of them.

What might be funny to men might sometimes border on crudeness for women and what might be humorous for women, can totally go unnoticed or unattended by men. Without strictly indulging in stereotypes, it can be argued that a group of boys would laugh at another one tripping and falling on the ground, while that reaction would almost never be shown by a group of girls. Similarly, a girl might laugh more at the funny faces or accents you make than a boy.

Understanding where exactly humour generates from is key to understanding why a group of people might find something funny while another won't. While the above points hold true to a dot, it can also help to look at the different environments and settings a girl child and a boy child is brought up. The general rules and laws break as soon as we put a boy in a big group of girls from the start or vice-versa. Families which have a odd child of a different gender in a pack of 3 or more children are often found to play and do the same things as their siblings do. And in turn their interests, reactions to a certain extent and humour to grow similar to the others in the group they were brought in.

Despite all the reasons and differences though, it isn't that humour is completely different for both men and women. A good joke or a silly incident makes both men and women laugh out in a room the same.


Written in 28 minutes without too much editing.

Topic stolen from a conversation with a close friend.

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  1. Aah. Interesting topic! I like how you presented your views. Although I'd say that any specific gender is generally not nicer or anything... to me it is subjective. but yes, when it comes to hunour, I think no gender would like jokes pin-pointing or generalising them. Husband-wife jokes, for instance.


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