May 8, 2017

Short Essay: #8 - 'Graduates should travel or work for a period of time instead of going directly to the university.' Do you agree? Why?

I agree that high school graduates should take a year off and either go travel or do some job or both. The different experiences gained during both serves as a pedestal in transforming one's life in a unique way, unknown to those who move directly from high school to college.

The experiences acquired while travelling can be termed as one of the most important life lessons any person can get. Learning not just how to take care of one's self and his/her most important belongings, one learns, through valuable interactions with different people and groups, how to talk and socialise within society. Socialising, while an exercise done by each of us ever since we start recognising others, is limited while one is attending school. Travel literally, and figuratively expands and opens up a whole new world to us. Working while travelling makes us appreciate how different cities and its people work and earn their bread, and teaches us a lot about their specific culture. Something which merely passing as a stranger and a traveller does not afford.

While life experiences in themselves are a huge __reason__, engaging in work, any sort of work, opens up  a window for a person to peek into a world that lies ahead in his life. It removes the awe and surprises that work life presents when a student finally crosses that bridge. Professions from social work, to hospitality to engineering can vary a lot from what is taught and how exactly work is done in real life.

Sometimes, since the world is progressing at a breakneck speed in some professions, it becomes not just helpful, but a crucial step to have knowledge of differences in industry and school/college syllabi. Taking an example of my own work, joined work after college proved to be quite a handful as computer science being one of the fastest changing and emerging fields all over, a lot of what was taught had either become obsolete or simple moved out of focus by the time college ended.

Though the above are the main reasons why I think graduates should get to travel or work before university, there are many other reasons like, broadening one's mind and way of looking at things, non-separation of education and industry and learning important emotional life lessons can all be worthy incentives for pausing the education and exploring for some time before university starts.


Written in 23 minutes without too much editing.

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