May 9, 2017

Short Essay: #9 - Is it sometimes necessary and/or right for a government to try to control the population through different means

It is not justifiable, nor necessary for any government of any nation to try to control its population for any reason possible. The only exception may arise in extreme circumstances for a small very big nation in the most exceptional times, like severe famine or continuous war. Though even these circumstances need to be assessed for alternative measure before actually opting for population control measures.

In current times, with uncontrollable rise of capitalism in democratic, as well as some communist nations like china, the concept of population aversion have also gained momentum. Population is shown to be a logistic and statistic nightmare and a major destabiliser towards long-term planning and execution of government initiatives. People even have started to estimate and put out theories that unchecked population increase may lead to a time where resources simply fall short. This isn't correct.

Any attempts by a government trying to control its population have and will prove to be short sighted and a mistake in correct estimation of the root of problem. The problem lies not in resources and population ratio; but rather in unequal and unfair distribution of those resources among people. A problem often associated and recognised more and more these days, with crony capitalism. The basic tenet of capitalism, that is the amount of importance put on generating and optimising profits results in practices like drip-down economy and putting too much power into the hands of people right at the top. Capitalism also results in unfair practices and corruption which whole industries involve in just to make profits. A good example of this would be the pharmaceutical industry which has caused unnatural elongation of lifespans in most developed countries and hence putting more pressure on new generations and upcoming population.

If distributed fairly, while controlling corruption in important industries, a government can ensure that the resources available to it are enough for its population.

The last point, that is of moral correctness, is as important as the necessity one. While a government might feel, in all honestly that it should try to take steps which are for the greater good of the greater population, it is morally not correct for a government to exercise control in something so private as future generation planning of its citizenry. It destroys and tramples on the very basic freedom of a citizen, while proves the incompetency of a government in solving important issues.

No government should have the right to implement laws or start discussions about population control as a means to better management and government.


Written in 25 minutes without editing.

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