Hello there, Welcome. This is the first time I am writing a post about myself. I have absolutely no idea how do you do that, but I'll try and I hope that you read it right down to the bottom there and that if you do, you’d come to know a little more about me. 

Okay, let’s get started. I am a 25 yr old, regular city guy. The kind who won't strike as very different when you first see him and the kind you won’t remember much about, after you've met him in a get-together or in school/college, except for his name maybe. Coming to which, my name is Usama (Usama Mohammad Sulaiman, poora naam), which many people don't  know means, the brave one, or, brave as a lion. I love my name, the meaning and the sound both. I live in New Delhi, which also I love for a lot of things, but mostly for the diversity it encompasses. I am a computer graduate by formal education.

Though I am very much into technology, but for some reason, I have also developed a strange interest in history (more so lately), modern economics and to some extent, politics. I read books, and though I would read almost any sort of book, my favourite genre is fantasy. I love writing stories, as you would know if you come here often. I also love cooking sometimes. I like all the sports, except maybe volleyball. I like playing FPS, racing and 2D arcades. 

I collect things like bookmarks, coins with uncommon photos on their head side, and Tazos, some of which are more than 15 years old(oh yeah.. B) :D). I love my bike(cycle that is, not motorcycle). I love my books and I am extremely possessive about them, so if you were thinking about asking for one, I am sorry, I am not going to lend them to you. You're welcome. 

Okay, now about what I am. I am a usually-quiet kind of a guy who dreams a lot, imagines full length conversations, complete with dialogues and expressions and sometimes, mostly when alone, looks at things a little longer. No! I am not loony, if you were thinking that, just a little different in some ways. 

I am someone who is almost always aware of his surroundings. I behave, especially when I am alone, like on a deserted street or road because I know that even though the street/road may be empty, but it is surrounded on both sides by houses/buildings, with windows. I  notice a great many things, and remember them, specially the weird ones. So the guy in the metro, the one who was trying to pick his nose facing the door thinking nobody’s noticing, I watched you do that. And if you are reading this, know... you’re disgusting. 

I am usually polite and quiet in public, sometimes a little too much, so that more often than not, it’s taken for shyness. On the other hand, I talk non-stop in front of my family and close friends, and do everything but behave. Although I appear as an introvert, I think I am more of an ambivert. I am a little confused on that.

I have an opinion on almost everything under the sun, but I only share them when I really have to. Mostly, I don't care. I come up with some very good ideas sometimes, the only problem is, I don't work on them. I have a habit of saying oxymoronic statements when talking serious, which sometimes makes things more confusing. But it also does the job of making me politically correct most of the time. 

I am a stickler for quality/perfection(in the things I do) and that can be a very bad thing, for me at least because that pretty much leads up to procrastination. My blog is a live example of it's effect. And taking of procrastination, I am writing this 'about me' post after 2 years of active blogging and more than 5 years of creating this blog. 

Okay coming to the blog, my blog is about nothing in particular and yet a lot of things. I write to express the opinions I have about things like social issues here. I write about myself, though not very much. I write fiction and sometimes when I am too enthusiastic, I attempt at writing poems too. I have reviewed some books and would like to review more books and other stuff in the future, if I felt I was qualified enough.

That, I think leads me to the end. I would've written more, like about how I want my blog to turn out and some more stuff about me; how I am a save-electricity freak, how I stop at red lights even when I don't have to and when everyone else doesn't, and how I love the trees, but I guess it's already too long so I'll wrap it up.

I never thought I would write so much in an About Me. Thanks for bearing with it till the end, and I hope you would come back to the blog to read some more. Thanks again.

Okay, I hate my photos, but you got to
have a face on your blog, right? 
FEB 21, 2013


  1. Ok Usama, I'm back! If you remember I was here the first time to read your 'Theandric Thursday- Birthday revelations' post. Now, this might sound creepy but I just spent most of today reading your blog and right now, I just got a bit tired :P No, not of your posts but it's just that the summer's acting up :D Anyway, lemme tell you that I intend on reading every post of yours and I've already read till 'Theandric Thursday-Deja vu'. Seriously, I've been stalking this 'random' blog of yours all day and tomorrow's gonna be the same. But brace yourself 'cause this is just the first part of the lengthy comment I've leaving here :P (Yea this was just the intro)

    After reading so many posts of yours, I feel like you've been my favorite author for ages :P Seriously! I loved your writing style, your imagination and of course your poetry! My god, you weave these strings of words so effortlessly, I just couldn't stop reading!! I don't think I've ever stalked someone's blog like this :P I bow down before you Sir. Hats off!! You are an incredibly talented writer and after Ashna, I think I'll want to be the second reader of your novel (which I'm sure is gonna be even more awesome) Your descriptions are so vivid and picturesque and your stories are extremely griping!

    Next, the award posts! I absolutely loooooved your custom awards!!! And the ones you were given!And those answers were oh-so-awesome! And tell you what, I am on the first stage of electricity/water saving OCD, 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' is one of my most loved books too and I am a HUGE dreamer too, like you wrote somewhere, even my dreams range from laughable to big ones :D And you are a book lover!! Hi 5 to that!! Then, there's procrastination and striving for perfection, I'm pretty much the same but I terribly fail on the latter one :P

    I'm really thankful to Ashna for her Theandric Thursday posts without which I don't know if I'd ever been able to come across your blog!

    I've seen you reply pretty late on certain comments so I really don't know when you'll read this and reply but be sure of the fact that the part 2 of this comment will soon follow :P I feel like I could make a blog post out of this comment :D Hope you don't mind the extra-extra long comments ;)

    P.S. What happened to those Cynical posts?? There was just one! I wanted to read more of your cynical takes on the monotonous everyday!

    P.P.S. One day, if I get to meet you, I'm gonna get an autograph :P I'm gonna continue stalking you from now on. (Wuahahaha)

    1. Ok Usama! I'm back for the part 2 :D
      And I don't know what different words could I possibly say....
      Anyway, all I'm gonna say to you is keep up the good work!

      g.b.u. :D

      P.S. I really hope that you're gonna reply to my foot long comment someday or some year :P

    2. Ruya, I don't have no idea what to say right now. Because I am speechless, ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS. :')

      I had no idea, someone would like my posts this much and to tell you the truth, I am pretty sure I don't deserve so much praise. I am very restless soul and I climb the chane ka jhaad pretty fast, you see :P :D

      Two things Ruya. One, never call me Sir. Second, please put keep the hat on man, I mean girl. It's summer, you'll get tanned. ;) Third, Hi-5 to books and procrastination. :P

      Like you, I am also a very very thankful to Ashna for bringing you here. I am also big fan of hers, but don't tell her, she'll start bossing around. :P

      I wasn't sure if I'd do justice to the topics I was thinking of writing about in the cynical posts so I didn't continue. Maybe I'll pick that thing up again, and hopefully soon. :)

      P.S: One day I'm gonna meet you and get a photograph clicked with you and then make a post about the amazing day. :D Hugs <:)>

      P.P.S: I love extra-long comments. I devour them. Please always post long comments. :D

    3. Oh God, so many mistakes... :O here, I should correct some of them..

      *idea, 'that' someone would like my posts
      *i am 'a' very restless soul
      *second, please 'keep' the hat on
      *like you, i am '' very very thankful
      *get a photograph clicked with you and '' make a post about

    4. What e cute exchange of messages. ^_^ You've got a lovely, just-my-kind-that-makes-me-go-oh-my-god-that's-me kind of an introduction there. Louved it. ;) I liked the red light part best, believe it or not. Baaki toh pata tha :P

      Nice foto by the way. :P

      PS- You think a sweet person like me is even capable of bossing around? -_- But yeah, you're kind of right. :P Now see! *evil laugh* ;)

    5. Thank you Ashna ji ;) and an extra thanks for the photo compliment :P

      I am pretty sure, I am going to be bossed around now :P ... kidding yar, you are the sweetest person ever ^_^ I don't wanna die just yet, do I?? ;) :P

  2. Usama bhai, Nehru jacket and all. Haaye! *sharmaaoes*

    1. Haha. I suppose I should say thank you. *sharmaaoes a little more*


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